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The registration for the G-BiB 2021/2022 is now open. For all questions please contact the international coordinator Katrin Kriebs form CLIB - Cluster industrial biotechnology under kriebs@clib-cluster.de or the national coordinators Reeta Huhtinen for Finland and Alice North for the UK.

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Teams of 2-6 Bachelor, Master and/or PhD students from Finland, Germany and the UK can register for the G-BiB 2021/2022 together with a mentor from one of their universities.
We encourage all teams to form a multidisciplinary team.

All team members must be enrolled at a university during the competition from October 2021 to February 2022. Additionally, Bachelor and Master students are also allowed to participate, if they finished their degree in the summer term 2021.

With the registration a short, non confidential description of a business idea for the development of a sustainable, bio-renewable product or process must be submitted. The business idea must be based on recent work carried out by the team members temselves.

Please read the regulations and additional information on the G-BiB for all terms and conditions prior to registering. They can be downloaded here.

The registration form can be downloaded here.

Please send the filled in registration form to
Finland: Reeta Huhtinen
Germany: Katrin Kriebs
UK: Alice North

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Organisers & Supporters

The G-BiB 2021/2022 is organised by Smart Chemistry Park, operated by Turku Science Park in Finland, Cluster industrial biotechnology in Germany, and BioVale in the UK.

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The competition receives funding from:
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