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About Catalisti

Catalisti is the spearhead cluster for innovation in the chemical and plastics industries. As the first and one of the seven spearhead clusters or open innovation clusters in Flanders, Catalisti’s program and project managers create successful synergies between companies of all sizes, universities, and research institutes to accelerate the transition to sustainable chemistry and plastics.


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2020 Antwerp


The Netherlands

Circular Biobased Delta

Circular Biobased Delta

About Circular Biobased Delta

Circular Biobased Delta Foundation (CBBD) is a triple helix networking organisation and facilitates cooperation between the business community, provinces, water boards, municipalities and knowledge and educational institutions of North Brabant and Zeeland.

Circular Biobased Delta

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4612 PZ Bergen op Zoom

The Netherlands

North Rhine-Westphalia

CLIB - Cluster industrial biotechnology


About CLIB

CLIB is an open-innovation cluster in Germany and beyond, networking large companies, small- to medium-size enterprises (SMEs), start- ups, academic institutes, and universities, as well as other stakeholders active in biotechnology and the circular– and bioeconomy as a whole.

Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie e.V.

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40219 Duesseldorf



Belgium (Flanders):


Martijn Mertens

Martijn Mertens, PhD.

Project manager & Internationalisation

+32 488 17 47 07

The Netherlands:

Circular Biobased Delta

Marcel van Berkel

Marcel van Berkel

Business Development Executive

+31 622 20 31 44


North Rhine-Westphalia:

CLIB - Cluster industrial biotechnology

Katrin Kriebs

Dr. Katrin Kriebs

Project Manager & Scientific Advisor

+49 211 418 737 28